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Video Club has been established by young video makers, with the goal to create a space for and about artistic video. It is neither a theater nor a gallery. These are established forms with clear goals and motivations, which have lead them to establish formats which work in their context. Because of their natures as dealers in commodities, these formats are led to stress a binary relationship of transmission.

We are interested in finding new forms and processes, which allow new possibilities for viewers and creators - sometimes we are one, sometimes we are the other. This internal duality interests us, and we insist on it. We want to open up a new antidiscursive space in which sound, language, image, space and time are colliding.

Video Club is interested in all aspects of the practice of making videos. We focus on practices which break from or manipulate the forms established by television, advertising and other commodity entertainment which exploits the moving image. It seems important to stress that there are many levels at which this break can occur. From the development process to processes of presentation: production/distribution/screening and creation/exhibition are functions which already imply hierarchical institutions of cinema and art.

Video Club is an open experiment. It is an attempt to learn something, to collect some experiences, make some observations. As such, it won't be finished until it's over - and inversely, it won't be over until it's finished.

vicarious kuratoren praxis